The GS Story

«My inspiration is experiential. Based on the way I decide to live each phase of my life, inspiration follows. Holding the leather in my hands, I am able to express the emotions of my reality by literally shaping it into my designs. I choose not to create in the conventional method, because a bag to me is a type of sculpture»

Georgina Skalidi’s signature technique is the moulding of leather into what started off only as a range of clutch bags and has evolved into an eclectic line of accessories. The excellence of materials and the handmade production process is accompanied by a fresh, chic almost postmodern sense. With key references to vintage and contemporary style, Georgina cut’s up and deconstructs the classic style of bags, and although the core essence is unchanged, the final result morphs into something completely new. Always with an emphasis in geometry she cuts, alters and fashions almost like automatic writing on her creations.

With collaborations such as Eastpack’s Artist Studio Collection, a solo exhibition in Luxembourg’ s Mudam Museum, and several exclusive retailers, such as Harvey Nickols Hong Kong, carrying her collections, Georgina has established a brand that reflects her creative spirit, and rightly so has earned her a place in the New Talent Section featured by Vogue Italia.